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Rubber Hugger

Rubber Hugger Keeps Your Sheets Tucked

A mattress band built strong so everything stays snug

Specially-designed to keep your bedding secure

Patent-Pending Design

Rubber Hugger is specifically engineered to hold down fitted sheets, top sheets, and to stay hidden by your comforter

Just The Right Amount of Tension

Made with mattresses in mind, Rubber Hugger fits to all bed sizes, and can even work with adjustable beds

No More Lifting Your Mattress

Fit Rubber Hugger to your mattress once, and you'll never have to lift your mattress to tuck in your sheets ever again!

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Forget clips, clamps, or straps

They're a pain to deal with, and you have to take them on and off your bed every time you change your sheets.

Once Rubber Hugger is fitted to any mattress, it stays put.

How Does Rubber Hugger Work?

Adjustable Mattress Ready!

Rubber Hugger makes it easy with the add-on Adjustable Bed Strap - sold separately

Finally something that works! I wish I brought this one first.

– L. Dayand, Ohio

Happy Sleeping

A good night's sleep goes a long way. Rubber Hugger fits effortlessly to any mattress and removes all the fuss from loose sheets, helping you sleep happier.

Rubber Hugger® is a registered trademark of Rubber Tucker, LLC