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Meet the team behind Rubber Tucker

Gregg McIntosh CEO Rubber Tucker

Gregg McIntosh


Gregg is the inventor of the Rubber Tucker band and hanging pocket holder. Gregg has a diverse background in business ownership, sales, marketing, and idea development. His background has led him to working on the development and distribution of nutraceutical products, telecommunication services, financial advising, pick and pack fulfillment, and educating veterans of benefits they could qualify for when moving into senior living communities. Beside being the inventor and developer of Rubber Tucker, Gregg is leading the team that is bringing this product to market and is intimately involved in every aspect of the program.

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Drew Brown Fulfillment Distribution

Drew Brown

Fulfillment and Distribution Manager

Drew, the man, the myth, and the legend, has been involved in so many projects, start-ups, and behind-the-scenes company developments…we can hardly count them. Drew will be overseeing our customer fulfillment operation and retail development team. Drew is camera-shy and is not the type of person you will see taking credit for anything but his humble nature and tireless work ethic, which makes him a great asset to the business.

Diane McIntosh Photographer

Diane McIntosh

Staff Photographer

Diane has a keen eye for capturing key moments in time of people, things in nature, or the right angle of a corporate image. Although we do not need a photographer on a daily basis, Diane is always willing to help, with her assistant, Audrey, when we need them.